We practice what we preach and only have a team of One! Victoria Berry is the Author, Presenter and Mentor.  We use a virtual team of specialists to do the stuff that She’s not good at to get stuff done. This team changes on a regular basis depending on our needs so we haven’t included them Here.

Victoria is a Wife, Mother, Author, Accountant, Bookkeeper, Serial Entrepreneur and Xero Jedi. All the experiences in the book are from real interviews with existing clients. She aims to bring you useful, informative information to let you start a business.  Why? Because as an Accountant she loves helping her client’s to start and build their businesses but also recognised that most startups can’t afford to pay for this advice one-on-one, hence the book.  After many clients read the book, they were after more information so the webinar series and mentoring ability was born


Author, Accountant, Bookkeeper and Xero Jedi

Victoria Berry has over 20 years of small business consulting experience and was extremely frustrated – people wanted help to start businesses but couldn’t afford to pay one on one for the expertise required. Zest for Success was born!

A serial Entrepreneur, Victoria decided to create The Bookkeeper Hub in order to prove that a business could be successfully built and maintained using the Zest for Success Method. She is Vlogging the experience from her “Car Studio” to prove that it can be done.

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