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Join our webinar series to learn how to quickly launch your Profitable Business with your own hands…….without spending thousands to do it! The 25 Most important things you need to do to start your Business.

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Thurs, Jan 22nd
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Thurs, Jan 22nd
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sessions are about 30 mins + extra time for questions

About the Hosts


This is why Victoria Berry is qualified to run Webinars on the quick start guide to turning your dreams into an awesome business:

She’s The Author

Victoria Wrote the book! Who else would be better to explain it than the author?

Proven Track Record

An Accountant of over 20 years she has helped hundreds of people achieve their entrepreneurial dreams. Not only that, she has operated 3 businesses of her own, 2 that she started from scratch. She knows all the tips, tricks & pitfalls that matter to Start Up Businesses.

She speaks in Plain English

Don’t let the accounting experience fool you. Victoria is an experienced presenter who cut her teeth in lifesaving. She guarantees that you will understand what she is talking about and promises not to speak in accounting jargon!