Day 21 – Social Media Overview (YouTube and LinkedIn)

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Hi, Victoria here, director of HBA Encompass, The Bookkeeper Hub, and author of Zest for Success.  As you can see, I’m back in my car.  Today, I’ve got a bike in the back.  Obviously with kids, things happen.  My eldest managed to get a flat tire on the weekends so I’m gonna take it down the bike shop.  I’m sorry about the background.  My car studio is awesome but the background does change from time to time.  Now at 6:30 in the morning, I’m sitting here while my daughter is at swimming training.  I don’t know about you but I’m not a morning person.  Often, she’s in swimming training in the mornings.  It’s been really good for me.  I’ve been getting up finding an hour or so of time in the mornings that I don’t usually have.  I don’t need the sleep but as you can see I can put the time to better use.

So today, we’re talking about building The Bookkeeper Hub using the Zest for Success method.  We’re talking about marketing and a bit of a deep dive into marketing.  The actual chapter is called Marketing and Technology.  So chances are if you’re watching this video, you’re either watching it on YouTube or the Zest for Success website or the Zest for Success Facebook page.  So you can see that we do use social media in our marketing and it has enabled us to grow our business.  It enabled The Bookkeeper Hub to grow.

Today, I’m gonna give you a bit of an overview of the different social medias.  I’m sorry if you’re a social media nut but there are people out there that are suppose scared of social media or aren’t aware of what they are.  Now, I do have my trusty book here.  I am going to refer to it from time to time but I’ll just give you an overview of some of the main social medias.  The first one is Facebook.  Facebook is a great tool for talking to your friends and seeing what’s going on in the world but I’s also invaluable from a business tool point of view.  So first of all, of course you can talk about your business in your normal news feeds but to be honest I think your friends may get pretty sick of that.  Secondly, you can set up a Facebook page for your business.  It’s just a matter of searching Facebook to set up a page.  Now when you set up a Facebook page, you wanna make sure that it has got the same branding as everything else.  If you remember a few sessions ago we’re talking about marketing overview and websites and stuff like that.  And we’re talking about the consistency that you need to have in your marketing.  Well your social media is no different.  The first thing you need to do is make sure you’ve got a picture of yourself.  I don’t know if you’re like me, you don’t really like looking at pictures of yourself but you got to put yourself out there.  People like connecting with a real person.  We tried having cartoon character to serve ourselves in our website and in our marketing and it didn’t go down particularly well.  As soon as we put a picture of my face up, we got a much better response to our marketing.  Strange I know but that’s just one thing that we’ve found.  So when you set up a Facebook page, you’ve got to make sure that you’ve got a profile picture preferably your logo and some interesting information about your business.  But most of all, you need to invite all your friends to start with.  So what we did is I’ve simply got on my normal Facebook and said ‘hey guys, I created a page for my business, The Bookkeeper Hub.  Would you mind going over and liking it and sharing it with your friends?’  but it is important that before you ask them to like and share that you have some interesting content.  And everything comes back to what we’ve been talking about in what’s in it for me — making sure that the content that’s on there is relevant to your businesses or your target market and it’s full of information for them not just a straight sell sell sell.  We talked about not getting married on the first date.  I’m not trying to I suppose shove your information down people’s throat on first date.  Social media is exactly the same.  What you wanna do is build up a tribe of friends and then you start selling to them so Facebook page is great for that.  You can cross promote different things.  So you’ll find if you look at our The Bookkeeper Hub page that we promote the Zest for Success book.  You’ll find that from time to time that we promote HBA Encompass which is the accounting firm and vice versa.  We promote The Bookkeeper Hub and the Zest for Success in HBA and on HBA we promote The Bookkeeper Hub and Zest for Success.  So a lot of cross promotion but making sure that there’s heaps and heaps of relevant content.  In our situation, particularly on the Zest for Success one, these videos that I’m doing on there is on a daily basis and the other thing you can do in Facebook and I’m not going into the nitty gritty because I’m not really a Facebook expert.  I know how to do what I know how to do but the saying you don’t know what you don’t know but one of the other things that you can do is you can do ads in Facebook.  And the beautiful thing about Facebook ads is you can target them to your demographic.  So you can pick gender, age, likes, and dislikes.  You can link to areas of interest.  You can select married, people with kids, or occupation.  For instance, we’ve just run a marketing campaign to plumbers.  The important thing there is to just keep track when you actually put on a Facebook ad and you pick all these demographics.  There’s a graph on the right-hand side and it shows how big your potential audiences is.  So we wanted to help plumbers build their business using the Zest for Success method.  Sorry had to plug that one.  So, we picked bales between twenty-one and forty-five who were plumbers.  We go to target audience.  I think it was about five-and-a-half thousands of people who were on Facebook who met our target audience.  So we ran some ads specifically to them, targeting them.  We looked at keeping the ATO off their back and promoted an eBook which goes along the lines of the drip funnel that we were talking about when we’re talking about general marketing.  Facebook is really good for that.  It’s good for customer engagement.  There’s all kinds of ads you can do.  You can do videos.  You can do carousels of different pictures.  It doesn’t matter what industry you’re in, Facebook can definitely be useful.  And aside the actual marketing that you do in Facebook, you can choose to go over to Instagram and also through Facebook Messenger because Facebook owns both Messenger and Instagram.  So that’s a bit of a high-level overview of Facebook and internet marketing.  The next thing we’re gonna talk about is YouTube.  I’ll see you on the other side.

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