Day 3 – Target Market

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Hi Victoria here again from Zest for Success, The Bookkeeper Hub, and HBA Encompass.  Today I’m here to talk to you about our journey for The Bookkeeper Hub and what we’re doing on the Zest for Success principles.  So the first thing we’re gonna talk about is our target market.

What do you think about your target market?  It’s who you’re going to sell to and you’ve got to think a bit outside the square there.  It was explained to me by James Tuckerman.  Imagine three old guys all night playing golf together driving fast cars in their mid 70s, what do you think of when you think that?  His answer is the Rolling Stones.  So it’s a bit left-field.  It’s about thinking who you’re gonna sell to.  What they like doing?  How to get to them and to resonate with them?  So our target market is predominantly tradesmen.  We’re talking plumbers, electricians, builders, sparkys, and chippies, all those kind of people.  And our biggest hassle to date has been actually getting in front of those people.  So when we’re talking about that demographic, we’re talking generally about guys between 30 to 50 who work on the tools all day, generally like to have lots of toys like motorbikes or surfboards or stand-up paddleboards and like to spend time with their family.  So when we’re looking at our target market, we know our demographics with our age.  We know where they live because we target different areas so this situation we’re looking at the Sunshine Coast.  Usually a wife, family, and kids, so that’s your target market and it’s a matter of breaking that down from there into mono targets.  So for instance at the moment, I’m about to start a Facebook marketing campaign which is specifically for plumbers.  So we got a book, an e-book, that we’re gonna put out there which is Plumbing that Nightmares: 7 Ways to Keep the Eight If You’re Back.  And at the same time, we’re split testing another book which is Plumbing that Nightmares:  7 Ways To keep Your Cash Flowing.  So that is targeted specifically at our plumbers and that’s our target market.  So that’s it for today.  I’ll let you know in the future with the advertising campaign.  See yah!

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