Day 4 – Basic Planning for Your Business

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Hi Victoria here from Zest for Success, The Bookkeeper Hub, and HBA Encompass.  Here I am sitting in my car again waiting for the kids.  And it’s time to give you my daily dose on what using the Zest for Success method has made to The Bookkeeper Hub, how we’ve gone about it, and express our journey with you.  So I do have some notes here, I’m going to refer to them a little bit.  I can’t have a teleprompter sitting in my car so just bear with me.

What we’re talking about today is planning.  I think we’ve all heard the expression that if you fail to plan, you plan to fail.  Well it’s actually true.  Now I’m not talking about going out and doing a 32-page business plan or something that’s gonna make the bank happy or a business coach happy.  I’m talking about something that’s gonna be relevant to you and something that you can use on a daily basis.

So when we talk about business plans, we’re talking about the foundations and the fundamentals of your business.  We’re looking at making sure that you’ve got a good base.  If you think about building a house, you have a foundation that you’re happy your house sits on.  If you don’t have a good foundation, the house blows away.  Think about the three little Pigs.  We’ll what I want is for you to be able to build a business that’s like a house built on bedrocks that when we have a cyclone you’re sitting inside drinking beer.  That’s what I want for you guys.  So when we’re talking about foundations?  Fundamentals of the foundations of a business is knowing how to run a good business rather than how to be a good person on the tools or good at what you do.  That means the ability to work on the business, not just in your business.  Then we talk about strategy, a path to follow.  Where do you want to go?  What do you want to do?  Do you want a turnover of ten thousand?  Do you want a turnaround of ten million?  Having an end game of where you wanna be.  And then talent, talent to show to people that you can do whatever it is that you do better than everybody else.  Sometimes it’s really hard.  You hear marketing guys talk about USPs, ultimate selling proposition.  When you’ve got a product or a service or a business which in reality is just the same as everybody else’s, you need to stand out.  What we’re doing at The Bookkeeper Hub is we’re giving access to our clients to the information from the Zest for Success.  We’re making it easy for them.  We’re automating as much as we can and we have fixed pricing to make it easy.  Sure, there’s other bookkeepers with fixed pricing.  Sure, there’s bookkeepers around who are being business coaches but there’s not many bookkeepers around who actually run an accounting practice, consult clients on a daily business, and can combine a two or three.  And then the flair, the ability to be remarkable, to be exciting to be rememberable.  Being rememberable is one of the most important roles of advertising.  So when we’re talking about foundations we’re looking at pyramid.  If you can imagine a pyramid, so the bottom bit, the base of the fundamentals and it’s the biggest portion of your business making sure you’ve got the basics right.  Then we talk about strategy and talent making sure that you wanna know where you wanna go and the ability to pull off what you’re doing.  And then we talked about flair and that’s where your personality or your marketing comes in.  So making sure that you’ve got it up the right way is vitally important.

When I was talking about business plans before there’s a whole section we’re gonna talk about in a few weeks time on planning but one thing that I suggest that you do is have a look at what Verne Harnish has in his book called Rockefeller Habits.  And he has a business called gazelles and he is an American but the logic that he has behind planning and making a one-page business plan to work out where you wanna be in the next twenty-five years, five years, three years, three months is really important.  And it’s really easy to understand.  And that’s it for today.  Tomorrow we’re gonna talk about your product.

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